FRPF / FRPN(Q) A/B 200/250/300/350/400/450

Bridge Type Machining Centre with Movable Table (Double Column Planomiller)

    Hareket Alanı

  • X = 5,500 – 13,500 mm
  • Y = 3,800 – 6,800 mm
  • Z = 1,500 mm
  • W = max 2,000 (Only FRPF)
  • Kolonlar Arası Mesafe

  • 3,000 – 5,500 mm
  • Motor Gücü

  • 30/37/45/60**
    (**yeni çözümümüzde 71/100 kW a kadar motor gücü seçeneği mevcuttur)
  • Headstock for interchangeable milling heads
  • Automatic spindle head lubrication with grease
  • Spindle with ISO 50 taper, according to ČSN ISO 297, 22 0433 (DIN 2079-CC), for tool shanks according to ČSN 22 0434 (DIN 69871-A – for low-pressure tool cooling
  • HEIDENHAIN iTNC530 control system
  • HEIDENHAIN drives
  • Headstock hydraulic balancing in Z vertical axis
  • measuring in linear and rotary axes
  • External low-pressure tool cooling with pump with pressure of 5 bar, 60 l/min, with tank 560 l and filtration system
  • Cooling unit for thermal stabilization of the spindle drive
  • Hydraulic unit, hydraulic elements – standard configuration
  • Working platform for the operator without height adjustment
  • Working area protection with protective fencing with electric blocking
  • Electric equipment for connection to mains AC 3 P - 50 Hz, 400 V

Machine drives in the cross and vertical linear axes are provided with electric servomotors through ball screws. The vertical screw is provided with an electromagnetic brake. In the longitudinal direction, feed drive is derived from an electric servomotor that drives two pinions meshing with a toothed rack with oblique teeth through the feeding box with two mutually hydraulically preloaded lines of gears. Measuring in linear axes is carried out using linear incremental rulers. A programming and measuring unit is 0.001 mm. Measuring in rotary axes is carried out using an incremental rotary encoder. A programming and measuring unit is 0.0001°.

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